The Best Web Conferencing Platforms Of 2016

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Whether you’re a freelancer working from your kitchen table or a multi-million dollar business with offices on every inhabited continent, investing in a web conferencing platform just makes sense.

In fact, scratch that.



Web conferencing is simply essential in this day and age. It bridges the gap between people in different locations, eliminates travel costs, boosts your productivity and helps your business thrive.

It’s no wonder the web conferencing software business is booming!

The thing is, with so many platforms on the market, all doing broadly similar things, it can be hard to choose the one that suits you and your business best.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you and prepared this handy list of top notch web conferencing providers.

Here goes. 

1. vConferenceOnline

vConferenceOnline topped our list of the best web conferencing solutions of 2016, and with good reason. The highly customizable platform is so full of features it can be adapted to any online event imaginable - from a day-to-day three person meeting to a global multi-day conference for thousands of attendees. If you can dream it up, vConferenceOnline can probably make it happen. Visit vConferenceOnline>>

2. WebEx

As part of the Cisco group, WebEx brings best in class security and decades of B2B software experience to the table. And while it does tend to be a bit fiddly until you get used to it, it’s still one of the best web conferencing platforms out there. After all, over 71 million monthly users can’t all be wrong, can they?  Visit WebEx>>

3. Rhub

If security and privacy are critical to your business, Rhub is the way to go. You’ll get all the features you’d expect from a top notch web conferencing service, but on your very own dedicated server, making it that much harder for unwanted guests to listen in on your sensitive business conversations. Visit Rhub>>

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is built to integrate seamlessly into your company’s existing workflow infrastructure. It can also be run entirely from a browser, making it a breeze to join or even host a meeting wherever you are in the world. Visit GoToMeeting>>

5. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is incredibly customizable, so you can make the interface closely match your brand’s look and feel. It also integrates with Google Translate for instant translation in over 52 languages. This is a really useful feature to have, especially if you run meetings or webinars for non-English speakers. Visit ClickMeeting>>

6. RingCentral

If you’re looking to invest in an integrated solution for your business, RingCentral is the way to go. The web conferencing platform works seamlessly within a larger PABX business bundle, giving you a complete communications solution at your fingertips. Oh, and it’s got a bunch of really nifty features too! Visit RingCentral>>

7. Zoom

Zoom’s award-winning web conferencing platform boasts impressive specs and top notch security features. More to the point, it’s compatible with screen readers, supports close captioning and complies with the Web Content Accessibility 2.0 guidelines, making it one of the most accessible web conferencing platforms out there. Visit Zoom​>>

8. Anymeeting

Anymeeting only supports up to 30 attendees, which means you won’t be using it to host multi-day global web conferences any time soon. That said, when it comes to meeting the needs of small and medium sized businesses, it more than holds its own. Even better, you’ll get two months free if you pay for a whole year up front. Visit Anymeeting>>

9. Join.Me

Are your team members all over the place? Is collaborating on projects a drag? If so, we’re about to make your day. With advanced screen and window sharing capabilities, unlimited whiteboards and up to 5TB of managed cloud storage, Join.Me may just be the ultimate online collaboration tool. Visit Join.Me>>

10. Zoho

Zoho may not be the most full-featured web conferencing platform around, but it’s definitely no slouch. In fact its free plan is quite impressive, which makes it great if you’re a freelancer or a startup. If you’re looking to impress your first overseas client or secure some foreign venture capital without breaking the bank, Zoho is simply gangbusters. Visit Zoho>>

11. HighFive

HighFive is all about equipping your corporate boardroom for success. Unlike many other web conferencing solutions we reviewed, it takes care of both the software and the hardware for you, which ensures you only ever get the highest audio and video quality possible during those delicate board and committee meetings. Visit HighFive>>

12. BlackBoard

If your business is all about e-learning, BlackBoard is definitely the way to go. With seamless moodle room integration and features such as interactive whiteboards, electronic hand raising and moderated chat, BlackBoard is as close as it gets to a classroom without actually being in one. Visit BlackBoard>>


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